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Bay Area Workers Ask the Expert - Aug 2013

The Veen Firm has partnered with the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council to provide legal insight to Bay Area workers in the trades. Many complicated legal issues affect the people who work the hardest in our community. The Veen Firm is passionate about providing the education and resources needed to protect Bay Area workers. Real people submit their questions, and the attorneys at The Veen Firm respond directly to the community and the people who help build this beautiful city. This month's expertise is provided by Kevin Lancaster.Click through to read the whole answer.Bay Area Workers Ask the Expert Veen Firm 

I’ve been seriously injured at work. Am I eligible for Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) benefits while I’m disabled? Are there other issues and benefits that I should consider?

The simple answer is “yes.”You are entitled to the restricted benefits of the WCAB system. As long as you weren’t fooling around or intoxicated when you got hurt, the no-fault system provides you medical treatment and limited temporary disability payments...However, where your injury might cause $500,000 worth of actual financial loss for past and future medical treatment, past and future lost wages, and inability to perform household services and family chores, the WCAB may only pay $50,000. READ MORE>>

The Silent Ride

Nils.jpgThe San Francisco Bike Coalition is hosting an event to honor and bring awareness for cyclists injured or killed while riding. The Silent Ride will take place Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 at 5:30pm at the Justin Hermann Plaza in San Francisco. The SFBC requests that attendees please wear white and bring flowers, candles, photos, or other objects to place at the stops in honor of fallen bicyclists. Folks can add memorials to the Silent Ride - San Francisco Facebook page as well. In 2011, Kevin Lancaster represented the family of German exchange student Nils Yannick Linke who was killed while riding his bicycle on Masonic. Of the tragedy, Mr. Lancaster lamented, "This tragedy...highlights the need for safer streets for bicyclists in the city." The Veen Firm stands together with SFBC in memory of those who have been injured or killed on their bicycles and vows to continue to advocate for bicyclist safety and protection in the Bay Area. An excerpt from the Bay Citizen, January 18, 2011: "Linke, who was a college student and musician, was born and raised in Berlin and had been attending school in Vienna, where he was studying anthropology. A world traveler, it had been his first trip to San Francisco. His violent death sent a wave of grief through the bicycling community. More than 100 people -- most of whom never knew Linke -- turned out for a candlelight vigil to pay tribute to his life."

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