Craig Peters Quoted in The Columbian on Amazon Flex App

The Amazon Flex app, a ride-hailing service that enlists drivers to pick up to-go food, groceries and parcels, has taken root in the Portland area. Although the app has opened up new avenues for on-demand drivers, it also presents the same challenges as others in the gig economy face. In The Columbian article "Vancouver Resident Embraces Delivery on Demand," Trial Team Leader Craig Peters to discuss how these employees are categorized as independent contractors in order to circumvent employee protections.

"The gig economy is built on deconstruction of that employer-employee relationship and having the employer avoid all the protections for workers that go along with the relationship," said Peters.

Additionally, Amazon Flex employees often drive long hours, which can be dangerous to the driver and the public. "We have heard of people who drive long distances just to get to urban centers, to then drive in the gig economy and end up driving for 14 to 20 hours straight," he adds. "They then sleep in their car, and either do another 14 to 20 hour stint or drive home. None of this is good for drivers or for the public."

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