KGO-AM Interviews Craig Peters on Forced Arbitration

In an interview with radio host Michael Finney of KGO-AM, Trial Team Leader Craig Peters discussed why the privatization of the justice system is stripping away consumers' rights through forced arbitration.

Thanks to contracts riddled with forced arbitration clauses, disputes are increasingly being pushed out of the court system and unfairly leaving consumers in the lurch when they attempt to sue against wrongdoing. Peters discussed that arbitration or mediation is welcomed by attorneys, but only if both parties agree to it.

"If both parties decide that's what they want to do after a dispute has arisen, then that's fine, but on the other hand if they decide they don't, and particularly for somebody who's disenfranchised, marginalized or less powerful, oftentimes the courts are the best avenue to getting a fair redress for their grievances," said Peters.

Listen to the full interview.