The Passage of Senate Bill 482: Craig Peters Authors Daily Journal Article on Doctor Shopping

In the Daily Journal article "SB 482: Reining in Overprescription," Trial Attorney Craig Peters discusses the origins and passage of Senate Bill 482, which prevents patients from getting excessive prescriptions for narcotics by visiting multiple doctors. The battle began after Bob and Carmen Pack’s children were killed by a drug addict who recklessly drove her car while under the influence of opioids. The driver had obtained an excessive amount of prescription opioids though doctor shopping—the practice of visiting various doctors to acquire multiple prescriptions.

After 13 years and enormous opposition from the California Medical Association and prescription drug manufacturers, the common-sense law was passed, establishing the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System (CURES) database, which requires doctors to check the database before prescribing narcotics to patients.

"Curbing doctor shopping and holding doctors responsible for doing the minimum necessary to make sure that their patients are not overprescribed was a long time coming," Peters writes. "It is hoped that this bill will greatly reduce the unnecessary deaths and serious injuries that result from those who are overprescribed narcotics."