Making the Case for Case Development Plans: Kimberly Wong Authors Article in Plaintiff Magazine

In her Plaintiff magazine article “Making the Case for Case Development Plans,” Attorney Kimberly Wong discusses the benefits of creating a case development plan as a valuable framework for litigation.

Although they can involve significant time to prepare, Wong encourages attorneys to create a case development plan as part of their regular practice. She recommends using them as a road map for what attorneys need to establish during litigation or trial to get the best recovery possible for their clients. Wong notes that plans should consist of eight core components, including: causes of action, investigation plan, discovery plan, damages, defenses and attacks, experts, case themes, and trial.

“The particular form that the case development plan takes does not matter as much as the thought process that goes into it,” Wong writes. “Nevertheless, the plan is only as helpful as it is organized. By having your plans consistently organized across cases, it will not only be easier to develop a habit for doing these plans, but it will also make it easier to find information when you need it.”

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