Dangerous Property

Dangerous conditions on public and private property can cause serious injuries. Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property safe and free from hazards. At The Veen Firm, our attorneys provide highly effective representation for those who have been injured or harmed as the result of unsafe property. Examples of hazards on properties include: building code violations, poor lighting, and inadequate signage or security. Some dangerous conditions are created by an owner, landlord or occupant, while others may be inherent in the property itself. The property may be a residential home, a construction site, public area, commercial premises or any other type of property.

Cases involving serious injuries or wrongful death resulting from dangerous property conditions can be highly complicated and tumultuous. Hiring an attorney who is intimately familiar with the specific and highly technical details of dangerous property cases is essential. We believe that people who have suffered from the loss of a loved one or who have experienced life-ending, life-changing, career-ending, career-changing or otherwise catastrophic injuries due to dangerous property conditions deserve the best care and representation available. The Veen Firm has the expertise and knowledge needed to handle any type of dangerous property case. We have been helping victims obtain justice for their injuries since 1975. Our Recent Case Results and Publications sections provide examples of the cases we have handled and the justice we have received for our clients.

If you have been injured due to an unsafe condition on public or private property, please call us or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. You will speak directly with an attorney at no cost. If you choose to retain our services, we do not charge a fee unless we obtain a settlement or verdict for your losses.