Lawsuit Filed Against New American Homes, Inc. After Worker Suffers Severe Injuries from Fall at Dangerous Construction Site

Trial Attorneys Elinor Leary and Clifton Smoot filed a lawsuit against homebuilding company New American Homes, Inc. after electrician Celerino Mejia fell from an elevated height while working on a construction site in Concord, California, resulting in severe head trauma and other serious injuries.

Mejia fell due to a defective guardrail that was installed by another subcontractor on the worksite. That subcontractor is also named in the complaint.

“Worker safety is paramount on construction sites,” said Leary. “The defendants had a duty to comply with regulations regarding safety and fall protection as outlined in the California Labor Code, yet failed to provide even the basic safeguards to ensure Celerino’s safety.”

Leary and Smoot are seeking damages and related expenses on behalf of Mejia for burgeoning medical bills and compensation for lost wages, as well as loss of future earnings.