New Year, New Laws in California: Anthony Label Authors Article in Labor 411

In his Labor 411 article “Guns, Carseats, Lane-Splitting, Cell-phones and More: New California Laws You Need to Know,” Trial Team Leader Anthony Label discusses the various new laws that went into effect this year.

Under AB 1785, drivers cannot hold or operate cell phones unless two conditions are satisfied: the cell phone must be mounted so that it doesn’t hinder the driver’s view, and the driver can only activate/deactivate a feature with a single swipe. “If your company requires you to use a cell phone while driving, make sure they provide you with an appropriate mount and voice-activation technology for features beyond the one swipe or one tap,” advises Label.

Additionally, a number of new laws were passed that affected the realm of employment, including:

  • AB 1843, which prohibits employers from asking about juvenile convictions during hiring;
  • AB 1298, which requires ride-hailing apps to conduct background check on drivers;
  • AB 1386, which allows businesses to stock Epipens and allows properly trained volunteers to administer shots without civil liability;
  • AB 1066, which prohibits employers from causing farmworkers to work more than six out of seven days.

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