Anthony Label Discusses Liability in Trucking Accident Lawsuits in Organized Labor’s Ask the Expert Column

Trial Team Leader Anthony Label was featured in Organized Labor’s Ask the Expert column discussing liable parties in a trucking collisions for a victim who was badly hurt in a big-rig truck crash and as a result, completely disabled. The driver of the truck claims the insurance company only has $1M in coverage, not enough to cover the victim’s hospital bills.

Label advised victims to speak to an attorney before accepting any offer. “The trucking industry is complex and there might be parties other than the driver who are also liable,” wrote Label. “There are multiple parties involved behind the scenes in a trucking case and finding them and valid theories of liability takes investigation and sophisticated legal analysis.”

He added that even if the driver is an independent contractor, that does not mean the company that hired the driver is shielded from responsibility. Many people could be found liable, including the broker who arranged the delivery, the supplier who loaded the cargo and even the owner of the trailer, who may be different from the owner of the truck. If any of these parties bear some responsibility for the accident, Label explained that the victim’s compensation could increase significantly.

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