Appeal-Democrat Reports on The Veen Firm’s Lawsuit Regarding Tank Explosion

As published in Appeal-Democrat, Trial Team Leader Elinor Leary and Attorney Clifton Smoot filed a lawsuit on behalf of Dale Sandell against Triple S Ranches, Inc. for premises liability, product liability and negligence after an above-ground storage tank exploded, resulting in serious injuries.

In August 2015, Sandell was working for Shasta-Siskiyou Transport, bringing 4,500 gallons of diesel fuel to a farm in Live Oak, California. He started pumping the fuel into a tank, and then climbed up the tank’s ladder to inspect the vent located at the top of the tank. Without warning, the tank exploded, hurling Sandell to the ground. As a result of the explosion, Sandell suffered a traumatic brain injury, concussion and orthopedic injuries.

“This was an avoidable event that has permanently injured Mr. Sandell,” said Leary. “He worked for decades as a fuel deliveryman and truck driver before this incident. He tried returning to work, but his injuries prevented him from doing so.”

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