Craig M. Peters and David L. Winnett Obtain $2.92 Million Settlement for Faulty Aerial Lift That Killed Tree Trimmer

Trial Team Leader Craig M. Peters and Attorney David L. Winnett obtained a $2.92 million settlement on behalf of the family of Carlos Amezcua, a career tree trimmer who died when he fell out of the bucket of an aerial lift while trimming trees. Mr. Amezcua was performing his work duties when the leveling chain within the boom broke, causing the bucket to tip and Mr. Amezcua to fall to his death.

The lawsuit established that various entities involved with the design, manufacture, and maintenance of the chain and lift failed to ensure that the lift was properly designed and that the chain was properly sized and lubricated. The designer of the lift even admitted during his deposition that the design team never envisioned a failure of the chain that would turn the bucket upside down and never considered implementing a failsafe that would prevent the bucket from turning upside down in the event of a chain failure.