Food Quality & Safety Interviews Steven Kronenberg on the New Food Safety Initiatives in China

China’s recent food scandals have brought to light the country’s serious problems with food safety, which has negatively impacted consumer confidence. However, as discussed by Attorney Steven Kronenberg in Food Quality & Safety’s article “Walmart Invests in Food Safety for China,” new efforts are being made to improve the country’s food safety standards.

“Although the government fined and imprisoned those responsible [for selling unsafe food], it has recognized the need to become more proactive instead of reactive,” said Kronenberg. “China has adopted a five-year plan to improve food safety that focuses on testing, inspection, and improvement of food standards.”

The international food and grocery industry has also pledged to help China raise its food safety standards to meet the rest of the world’s, with Walmart and the Walmart Foundation announcing that they will invest $25 million in China to advance food safety initiatives.

“The company is attempting to determine the causes of foodborne illness so that stakeholders at all levels of production and distribution can work toward preventing problems,” Kronenberg added. “By implementing a key emerging technology to enhance traceability, Walmart is providing an extra level of accountability to reduce food safety concerns.”

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