Gagging on Gig-Economy Food Delivery: Steven Kronenberg Authors Article in Plaintiff Magazine

In his Plaintiff magazine article “Gagging on Gig-Economy Food Delivery,” Attorney Steven Kronenberg shares his thoughts on gig-economy food delivery companies’ attempts to classify workers as independent contractors and contract out of liability for third-party injuries. The gig-economy also leaves delivery drivers without traditional employment benefits, such as health insurance, overtime pay, and compensation for work-related injuries.

Some gig food-delivery companies may try to contravene public policies by attempting to shift these risks and costs to their drivers, customers and the public. And “some companies require delivery workers not just to buy insurance, but to indemnify and defend the gig company against personal injury claims,” wrote Kronenberg.

Many gig food-delivery companies attempt to prevent consumers and workers from resolving their claims in a court of law. Instead, the companies’ terms and conditions often require arbitration, which provides fewer protections.

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