I Heard Backyard Pool Filters Can Explode. Is That True? | Anthony Label Answers in Ask The Expert Article

Yes. Many homeowners have pool filters are not safely manufactured. These filters can explode and cause devastating injuries.

Most filters are comprised of a tank, a lid, and a clamp that holds the system together. The filter operates under high pressure generated by a mixture of water and air. The lid can explode off the tank with tremendous force if too much pressure builds up and the clamp fails.

Because of the extremely high pressure that can build in the filter and result in an explosion, a failure can be catastrophic. We have seen cases in which the filter lid has damaged awnings and roofs, become lodged in trees, and damaged ceilings of pool sheds. When the lid of the pool filter hits a person, we have seen severe traumatic brain injuries, deaths, traumatic loss of eyes, and multiple broken facial bones.

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