No Second String: Elinor Leary Authors Article in Plaintiff Magazine

In her Plaintiff magazine article “No Second String,” Trial Team Leader Elinor Leary discusses why physical therapists may be good sources for testimony at trial. According to Leary, physical therapists are often overlooked, yet highly qualified practitioners of the science of physical rehabilitation.

Physical therapists often spend more one-on-one time with patients than a primary doctor or surgeon, which means they have a better understanding of a patient’s needs, pain and improvement as well a personal connection to the patient that will be expressed to the jury during testimony. A physical therapist’s written reports also contain an abundance of useful information, such as the patient’s range of motion and strength, pain levels, patient goals and plan of care.

“Practically speaking, a physical therapist may be more accessible to discuss his or her opinions about your client, and may be more engaged in the process and in his or her role in the litigation than other health professionals,” wrote Leary. “What is the value of testimony from a competent, qualified health professional who knows your client well and can speak from the heart? Priceless.”

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