Steven Kronenberg Discusses the Recent Chipotle Outbreak in The Motley Fool Article

In The Motley Fool article “Chipotle Has a Perception Problem, Not a Food Safety Problem,” Attorney Steven Kronenberg discusses Chipotle’s recent closing of a Virginia store due to an outbreak of norovirus.

“Since the 2015 food poisoning outbreaks, Chipotle has taken major steps to improve food safety at every level of the supply chain,” Kronenberg wrote. “It has also changed some food safety procedures including preparing produce at centralized commissaries that can more thoroughly control microbial contamination.”

Kronenberg noted that consumers should not fear eating at Chipotle given the company’s efforts to improve food safety; however, he mentioned that Chipotle has a significant perception problem to deal with. “Because many people are aware of the company’s past problems with food safety, they may be more inclined to attribute illness to Chipotle than other possibilities,” Kronenberg added.

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