The Veen Firm Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Forklift Operator Who Was Severely Injured, Requiring Amputation of Foot

Trial Team Leader Elinor Leary and Attorney David L. Winnett filed a lawsuit on behalf of truck operator John Eldridge against Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation for products liability after Eldridge’s left foot was crushed while operating a forklift truck.

On April 14, 2016, Eldridge was operating the truck when his left foot was ejected from the truck and crushed, resulting in amputation of his foot. It is alleged that Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation negligently manufactured, designed and maintained the truck in such a way that was unsafe for its intended use. The truck is designed for an operator to stand within the cab to operate the truck; however, the cab lacked a door, gate or guard to prevent an operator’s ejection.