What Is Salmonella, Anyway? Attorney Steven Kronenberg Featured in Extra Crispy Article

The Food and Drug Administration recently announced that Rose Acre Farms recalled more than 200 million eggs after tracing a salmonella outbreak to one of its North Carolina farms. In the Extra Crispy article “What Is Salmonella, Anyway?” Attorney Steven Kronenberg discusses why salmonella is so feared compared to other diseases that involve food, what individuals should know about salmonella and how to protect against the foodborne illness.

Salmonella is so feared as it hospitalizes 23,000 Americans and results in 450 deaths annually. “Whereas other foodborne germs, such as E. coli and listeria, may take days or even weeks for symptoms to show, salmonella symptoms may appear after only a few hours and may last for several days,” said Kronenberg.

Many people think that salmonella is primarily a risk arising from undercooked chicken. While that is one source of infection, there are many others, including fresh produce, contact with pets and raw eggs. Kronenberg advised, “[Don’t] handle raw and cooked foods with the same cookware. Washing fresh produce with cold water may also reduce the risk of illness.”

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