Steven Kronenberg Interviewed by Food Quality & Safety Regarding the Internet of Things

In the article “Food Industry Unplugged,” Food Quality & Safety interviewed Attorney Steven Kronenberg to discuss the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it pertains to the food industry. IoT connects the Internet to devices such as ovens and refrigerators, which allows food industry employees to record and monitor data.

Kronenberg explains why food manufacturers, distributors and retailers are increasingly implementing IoT to promote food safety and quality. “IoT products can improve food safety because critical data like storage temperature can be accessed on-demand from anywhere,” said Kronenberg. “This helps companies prevent and respond to problems before they become health risks.”

Kronenberg predicts that eventually, IoT will be widely adopted throughout the food industry. “Sooner than later, many consumers will expect all levels of the food distribution chain to implement an IoT-based risk management program,” Kronenberg commented. “This will help them confirm that a product has been produced and stored properly throughout the supply chain for optimum safety and quality.”

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