“To Elinor Leary: I just wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for everything you did for me, it had a huge impact on my life. Thank you so much for everything you and the firm did, it made a world of difference for me and greatly impacted the trajectory of my life.”

“In June 2011, I was involved in a work-related incident that left me in the hospital for a month. I was lost and didn’t know what to do at the time. I called my family for help. Every one said the same thing, “get a lawyer.” I just wanted to get well and go back to work. Things got worse for me. I started to look for a lawyer. I think I talked to three lawyers. But I wasn’t sure what I was doing. But one of those lawyers introduced me to the Veen firm. They took my case when other lawyers said it would be a hard case to win. Five years later, after many surgeries, my case was settled and they got more than I was expecting for me. The Veen firm is the best law firm. I would like to thank the Leary Trial Team, Elinor Leary, and Mr. William L. Veen. I got super lawyers without even knowing it. At one of my appointments there was a magazine and the Veen firm was on the front cover. That felt so good. Thank you so much for your hard work.”

– Miguel S.

“Elinor Leary is a wonderful team leader — she is sharp and can navigate through challenges without losing sight of the ultimate goal. During trial, I admired how quickly she thought on her feet to cross-examine witnesses and maintained poise through complex answers. She speaks eloquently in a way that can captivate audiences. She is focused and determined, yet genuine. Her care of the case has been a blessing. …”

“On the day we rested our case I felt relieved– relieved that Veen had represented me, relieved knowing that I gave my case a chance by entrusting Elinor and Matt, and relieved that I was standing in court with an amazing team. They are genuine advocates. Veen really put a strong effort into seeking justice for me–for that–I am truly grateful.”


“I’m very grateful to Ms. Leary for her help and so pleased with the result of my case. She and her team were attentive to my needs, provided transportation to my numerous medical appointments, and made a point to keep me informed about each stage of my case. I’m thankful for everything that both she and her team did for me for the duration of my 6 year case, and I will make sure to recommend her services to anyone in need of similar legal help.”

– C.M.R.

“I consider it a miracle to be placed with Elinor Leary and her team. When I spoke with her first I was completely defeated. I had so much pain from the entire experience I just wanted to move past everything. Then one day I get connected with Elinor and she immediate restored all faith in my case for me. She helped guide me through the entire process from that moment on. The entire process was incredibly confusing and she made sure to take the time with me and explain everything at each step of the process. There are people who represent you for the money and there are people who really care about you. Elinor and her team is the latter.”

– E.J.

“Elinor Leary and Alexandra Hamilton were so easy to work with. I had had a stroke, they drove me to depositions, and brought snacks to get me through the often stressful hours. They faithfully returned all the materials I provided as part of the case. And I believe they made the difference between a good settlement and a great one. I can’t recommend Veen highly enough.”

– Heather I.

“My family and I want to thank Ms. Leary for her help in the hardest moments of my life. She was so respectful and professional in answering all my questions. Thank you for going the extra mile.

Many thanks.”

– GN

” Thank you all for quality, competence, care & support over the past 2 years. Your firm is comprised of a remarkable group of people. I was treated with dignity & compassion throughout these past 2 yrs. Both Charlie & I appreciate all your hard work & thank you for everything..

– Patricia R.

“I was…the presiding juror in a recent civil suit in which you acted as the attorneys for the plaintiff [in]…a very complex, medical malpractice case….The purpose of this note is to briefly express my admiration for the high quality of legal representation you both provided the plaintiff….You both had clearly absorbed much of the science and medical practices relevant to the circumstances of this trial, and this made for targeted and concise questioning under both direct questioning and cross examination…. [T]he professionalism and overall high quality of the legal representation you provided the plaintiffs was a significant factor in creating such a powerful personal experience for me as a juror.

Congratulations on a job very well done.”

– Juror #10, 2014 trial, Contra Costa County

“I would like to take time out to thank you and your firm for the great service that I have received. In knowing you I feel my life has become wiser and maybe I will get to reach for the stars a little. You made me feel like I have known you in another life, and that was very comforting for me. So in closing, thank you, and wish you and your firm nothing but good luck for the future. You showed me your passion for your job and your family, I really respected that, again thank you and good luck for the future.”

– Sharon J.

“At the age of 19, I was seriously injured in a work-related accident which left me paralyzed from the waist down. While in the hospital, my family obtained the services of a local law firm to investigate my accident for a potential liability suit. But after months of no results, I was told I had no case and would only be eligible for workman’s compensation. It was at this time my father learned of Mr. Veen from an OSHA worker on the construction job in which he was currently employed. My father contacted Mr. Veen on my behalf and arranged a first meeting. Reluctantly, I wheeled myself into Mr. Veen’s office and explained my situation. He immediately took my case.

The Veen Firm was so thorough and diligent in working on my case, they went through the arduous process of locating the same type of heavy equipment that caused my injury and recreated the accident scene. They made visual aids which looked like lampshades that were placed over one’s head to show my perspective of the accident. Near the end of the trial, I was offered a settlement, but I had so much confidence in Mr.Veen and his firm, I decided to go for a jury verdict. Believe me when I tell you it required complete trust and faith in my legal team. Because of Mr. Veen’s extensive legal knowledge and his tenacity, we were victorious in my court case. Bill Veen and his team are professional, experienced and trustworthy. I highly recommend The Veen Firm.”

– Christopher V.

“I was represented by the Veen Firm a few years ago. They were attentive to every detail, making sure I was comfortable and secure throughout the entire process. We were able to settle out of court for more than I ever thought I would get. If you need someone on your side, they are the team to call!”

– Danielle L.

“I’ve got to give these guys credit – I had a case that they didn’t even cover, but was connected to an attorney immediately, who then not only referred me to someone who did take my type of case, but also gave personal advice. Nice to see people who go out of their way to really take care of others. Very impressed.”

– Curtis W.

“My daughter’s attorney found that he was over his head in negotiating a personnel injury settlement with the insurance co. He called in the Veen Firm to assist, and Bill Veen was able to bring in a settlement that was almost twice as much as the original limit.”

– Tom H.

” In 07 our family had experienced a series of traumatic events, one of which precipitated the use of a personal injury attorney. The Veen Firm‘s reputation brought them to our attention, and we’re so glad to have found them, and have had Anthony assigned my Mother’s case. Though we live on the opposite coast, Anthony personally met my elderly mother, and instantly gained her confidence, trust and respect.

Without question, he brought professionalism, preparedness, tenacity, and a high level of ethics. But beyond the qualities you hope to find in someone with his resume, Anthony brought compassion, empathy, and a genuine caring to our family’s situation, which believe me, was fractured and extremely stressful. Anthony was a calm and reassuring voice. He left his imprint on our entire family.

In addition, the Veen Firm’s deep resources allowed him to leave no stone unturned in seeking out justice for our family, and being competitive in a “Davey vs. Goliath” type situation.

I would highly recommend Anthony, as a guy that puts his heart and soul into his work and has a team behind him to assure success.”

– Tom P.

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