Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

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How To Choose A Law Firm

You were injured and it wasn’t your fault. Now the bills are piling up. You can’t return to work. You can’t afford the medical care you need. You need to consult with an attorney, but which one?

We’re Here to Help.

Choosing a personal injury lawyer from an endless sea of law firms can be overwhelming. Narrow your options with this comprehensive list. Your law firm should:

  • Specialize in personal injury.
  • Have extensive trial experience and have an established reputation with the defendants’ insurance companies.
  • Have a winning trial record.
  • Be accessible – is it hard to get in touch with them? Does someone answer the phone when you call?
  • Have a strong history of maximizing benefits for clients.
  • Be recognized and respected within their industry as leaders.
  • Understand Workers’ Compensation and Social Security benefits to provide you with the best cumulative award.
  • Care about you as a person, not just a profit margin.

The firm you choose can help you regain control of your finances and personal life. The extra effort required to find an outstanding attorney is well worth your time and could be the defining factor in your recovery process.

Get Some Answers.

You have the right to know everything you can about your personal injury lawyer and law firm. Ask the attorney the following questions to help you form the partnership you need to get the best results from your case. Remember, personal injury lawyers should advance costs and charge you nothing until the case is resolved in your favor.

1. Do you specialize in personal injury?

2. How many years have you concentrated on personal injury?

3. Can you explain the benefits which may be available through Social Security, State Disability, Workers’ Compensation and other state or federal benefit programs?

4. Are you a member of any legal organizations?

5. Have you received any trial organization awards?

6. When did you last try a case? When did you last lose a case? What is your win/loss record for your past 10 trials?

7. In the last 10 cases that you’ve tried, how did the defendant’s last settlement offer compare to the amount obtained in trial?

8. Can you offer an example of how your work with a past client positively impacted his/her life?

9. Do you have any recommendations from past clients? May I call them?

Ensure that these questions are answered to your satisfaction. Even more important than a checklist is that you have a sense of trust and caring from the firm and the personal injury lawyer. This can only be determined through personal interaction and your own intuition upon meeting with your attorney. The relationship you have with your attorney will have a significant and lasting impact on your life. Above all…

Follow Your Instincts.

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