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How The Veen Firm Can Help You.

There are many ways The Veen Firm could assist you with your case. Browse through these case studies to get an idea of the services and assistance we provide.

Case Studies #1: A solo lawyer. Twenty-four boxes of loose discovery. $200,000 in costs. Defendant’s 400+ lawyer firm had a blank check. Trial date: two months away.

The call came in roughly two months before trial. A solo attorney had a great case-and the defendant knew it. Over the years of discovery they had forced the lawyer into the red in costs. They had piled late-found documents on him at the last minute. And, they were planning a paper offensive for pre-trial-motions and motions in limine that would keep the lawyer so busy that he would never have time to marshal his evidence.

So he called The Veen Firm. We immediately put four lawyers, two paralegals, and six staffers on the case. We organized the extensive discovery and case files, prepared our own paper offensive and opposed the defendant’s motions. In addition, we obtained a court order to take the deposition of an executive that the defendant had failed to produce throughout discovery. The trial lasted two months. The result? An eight-figure verdict for plaintiff.

Case Studies #2: Bad blood and a forklift.

The tension had reached the point where the lawyer could not be in the same building, let alone deposition room, with defense counsel. The accident involved specialty issues that were outside of the expertise of the general practitioner-forklift operations and training, warehousing, crush and degloving injuries. The un-witnessed accident was a he-said/he-said event in which each blamed the other for being in the wrong place. A jury could very well defense the case. The lawyer asked The Veen Firm to look at the case.

We tried a different approach with defense counsel-our team of attorneys gave the defense counsel everything he needed to evaluate the case without having to ask for it. We retained experts that helped answer bio mechanical questions, thus solving the liability riddle and demonstrating the defendant caused the accident. The case settled before trial for seven figures.

Case Studies #3: The applicant attorney with the third party case?

The lawyer was a worker’s compensation specialist with a typical caseload of 200 clients, many of them union workers. As a comp lawyer, he didn’t have time to prosecute civil cases. Nor did he have the time to learn a new area of law. He routinely suggested that his clients speak to The Veen Firm to evaluate their compensation claims for potential civil claims against third parties.

The referrals allowed the lawyer to perform his duty to refer potential claims mandated underNichols v. Keller. It also gave his clients the opportunity to get just compensation for their injuries instead of the nickel-on-the-dollar paid by workers compensation. We found civil cases for several of the clients he referred. The clients got just compensation for their injuries. And the lawyer got referral fees that helped keep him in the black in a time when running an applicant’s practice could be difficult.

Case Studies #4: Advice (and materials) freely given: The case not taken.

The lawyer had the case of his career. He had tried numerous cases but never one this big. He felt out of his depth-lacking the knowledge, briefs and outlines specific to the large injury and complex liability involved. He called The Veen Firm and talked about his concerns.

Two hours later the lawyer’s email was filled with exemplar material-motions, motions in limine, briefs, suggestions for demonstrative evidence, names of experts, and examples of outlines for direct and cross-examinations of critical witnesses. He and the firm concluded that he had the necessary tools to do the case-with the help of some materials and a pointer or two. The lawyer, using the materials and new found confidence, was able to settle the case on the eve of trial for seven figures. His client obtained just compensation. The cost to that lawyer and his client? A promise from the lawyer that he would help someone else if called upon. Nothing else.

Case Studies #5: The million-dollar advertiser with negotiating gurus.

The lawyer’s firm spent a million dollars a year on marketing. His team of lawyers excelled in negotiating with insurance companies. The cases that slowed his office down? Catastrophic injuries with complex liability-cases that required extensive discovery, motion practice, and were likely to try.

He called The Veen Firm. By partnering with us on complex cases his office was able to focus on what it did best-negotiating just resolutions for his clients without extensive litigation. And The Veen Firm focused on what it did best-extensive workups and trials of complex cases.

Case Studies #6: Learning by doing – the small firm lawyer takes a step into a larger world.

The lawyer had been in practice for several years. She had tried numerous small and medium-sized cases successfully. She had saved enough money and built her credit to the point where she could afford to take a complex case that required significant expense. She had just taken such a case. But she had never run one before.

She partnered with The Veen Firm. She strategized and worked on the case side-by-side with us. We shared in expenses, reducing her risk. She co-counseled the trial. By the end of the case she had acquired a new level of skill and was ready to take the big cases. And her client had a verdict that compensated her for her losses.

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