Man Intentionally Assaulted, Killed by Bartender


Eric Sims, the manager of the 500 Club, located in San Francisco, assaulted Jesus. When police arrived on the scene, they saw Eric Sims choking Jesus. The officers did not arrest Eric Sims even though San Francisco paramedics pronounced Jesus dead at the scene. After a minimal investigation, the San Francisco police and district attorney’s office determined the death to be an accidental death of a drunk, Hispanic male who had started attacking people in the bar. Jesus’ family felt that something was not right and contacted The Veen Firm in an effort to seek justice.

The firm’s investigation uncovered evidence that Jesus was intentionally assaulted inside the bar and that a homicide had occurred. Jesus’ family sued Eric Sims and the 500 Club, arguing that Eric Sims intentionally killed Jesus while working at the bar. The matter settled before trial.