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Chiropractor visit leads to wrongful death claim

Back pain, shoulder pain, a pinched nerve – these are all reasons why a California resident may decide to visit a chiropractor. Typically, the chiropractor will perform x-rays on a new patient and then recommend treatment. Treatment usually consists of manual adjustments to the patient's body in order to relieve the pain and provide proper alignment. A patient goes to the chiropractor seeking relief rather than the possibility of becoming a victim of wrongful death.

However, in February 2016, one family claims that a chiropractor visit is what led to the death of model Katie May. Apparently, the 34-year-old mother suffered injury due to a fall at a photo shoot. In an effort to find relief, she visited her chiropractor for what she believed was a pinched nerve.

Wrongful death claim settled for over $1 million

In the typical California traffic stop, a law enforcement officer signals for the individual to stop. After stopping, the individual and officer have a conversation and the end result is usually a ticket. At times, the individual may end up accompanying the officer to the police station. Unfortunately, sometimes something goes wrong in the interaction between the motorist and the police officer, and someone gets hurt or even killed. One such incident resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit that was recently settled.

In May 2014, a father was stopped by local police officers. Apparently during this traffic stop, something went wrong, and officers decided to restrain the man. It appears that they then used a Taser on him, causing him to lose consciousness. The man died while detained by police.

Texting and driving can lead to wrongful death

It may come across as a single sound, a series of musical tones or any number of other indicators. Regardless, one is notified that a text message is waiting. When not involved in something more important, the individual will most likely want to go ahead and check the message. However, if the individual is driving, that small act can have deadly consequences that end up in a wrongful death claim in a California court.

The average driver knows that any form of distracted driving is not a good idea. However, there is often a vast difference between what one knows and what one does. Sometimes that message is just too tempting.

Wrongful death claim filed again nursing home owner

After an injury or illness that requires hospitalization, it is possible that an individual will be placed in a California nursing home or treatment facility until ready to return home. While a resident in one of these facilities, it is assumed that the individual will receive the care needed to recuperate and recover. Unfortunately, several California facilities have recently come under scrutiny and are now answering to complaints of wrongful death.

In 2014, a 68-year-old mother was released from the hospital after complaining of chest pains. She was placed in a nursing facility to give her the opportunity to recuperate and rehabilitate. Rather than get better, she developed pneumonia and suffered dehydration. Five weeks after being placed in the facility, she died.

Wrongful death claim can be brought when victim not wage earner

The untimely death of a loved one is often considered a tragedy. Along with the grief and emotional turmoil the family is experiencing comes the questions of what happened and why. The California family is often left to struggle with what has happened. Depending upon the circumstances, it is possible that the individual who caused the death may face criminal charges. Separately, if the death was due to the negligence of another individual, the victim's family may decide to pursue a wrongful death claim.

Many times when one thinks of a wrongful death claim, he or she is seeking to replace the financial contribution that the victim made to the family. However, the family wage earner is not the only one who contributes to the family. A spouse who works within the home is also a vital, contributing member of the family. As such, it is also possible to pursue a wrongful death claim when the victim is not a wage earning member of the family.

Recovering damages in a wrongful death claim for emotional trauma

Losing a loved one is traumatic, but it can be especially difficult for California family if the death was the result of another person's negligence or reckless actions. Wrongful death claims cannot reverse what happened to your family member, but it may be an appropriate step for some grieving families. By successfully navigating a civil claim, you may be able to recover damages for some financial losses, as well as your emotional trauma.

There are always difficult emotions associated with the loss of loved one, but the trauma can extend into many areas of your life. Grief does not go away overnight, and you may find that you must also deal with loss of companionship, loss of income and much more. This is painful and stressful, and it can affect every member of the family, including children. 

Nursing home chain faces third wrongful death claim

Nursing homes and similar facilities carry a high level of responsibility. Families entrust such homes with their loved ones, usually when those loved ones are in a vulnerable state. When a California nursing home is accused of the wrongful death of a resident, it is cause for concern. When three facilities in one health care chain face such charges, one may suspect that an alarming pattern is occurring.

The latest death related to the Brius nursing homes in California involves a 65-year-old man who suffered from numerous physical and mental illnesses, including bipolar disorder, dementia and anxiety. The man had also suffered a stroke, which left him blind. Nevertheless, after almost two and a half years as a resident of the home, the man was told he could no longer stay.

Wrongful death award of $2 million upheld by appeals court

The loss of a loved one as the result of an accident is a tragedy. When this loss involves a drunk driver, it may seem even more devastating. The drunk driver could face a multitude of penalties and perhaps even spend time in a California prison. However, these penalties do nothing to alleviate the loss that the family is experiencing. Some families find that filing a wrongful death claim for monetary damages in civil court is appropriate.

In 2002, one such loved one was killed when an individual who had been drinking decided to drive his brother's uninsured dump truck. The family filed suit in 2003 and attempted to notify the owner of the dump truck about the lawsuit. They finally resorted to publishing the notice four times in the local newspaper; however, the owner failed to appear in court. As a result, a default judgment was granted.

Wrongful death claim filed against Young Jeezy

The fact that one individual causes another to lose his or her life is not always considered a criminal act. Sometimes, the death is the result of an accident. Other times, it is the result of a negligent or reckless act that ended in the wrongful death of a California resident.

In 2014, Eric Johnson, a concert promoter, was shot while backstage during a Young Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa concert. A witness to this event claims that the individual who shot Johnson had a similar appearance to Jeezy; this same witness later identified Jeezy from a photo lineup. A second witness to the event also described the shooter to a police sketch artist. Apparently, the artist's rendering appeared to look similar to Jeezy. In spite of these two witnesses, Jeezy was not charged in this incident.

Welfare check ends in wrongful death claim

There are generally two sides to every story. The simple question though is which side contains the actual facts. One such case involves a wrongful death lawsuit that has recently been filed. Often, the facts regarding exactly what happened must be determined within the California court system.

Typically, when someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door, the occupant will answer. However, there are times when the occupant does not answer the door. This can occur when the occupant is not home, does not wish to have company or simply does not hear someone at the door.

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