Wrongful death claim settled for $1.5 million

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We often take just a quick walk down the street, or perhaps a short visit to the neighborhood market. While these actions may appear to be harmless, for some individuals, they will be the last thing that they do. Every day, throughout California and across the nation, individuals lose their lives while performing mundane daily tasks. This loss of life can be the result of a medical condition, an accident or even a wrongful death incident.

Over the past few years, there have been more and more news reports of violence involving police officers. At times, this violence is directed toward the officers. At other times, it is directed toward a member of the general public.

Recently, the city of Los Angeles decided it would be in its best interest to settle a wrongful death lawsuit for $1.5 million rather than go to court. Reports indicate that three years ago, two LAPD officers stopped a mentally incapacitated individual. During their interaction with this individual, a struggle ensued. A struggle ensued for the officer’s gun, resulting in the individual being shot and killed. His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers and the city.

An investigation into the incident yielded conflicting opinions. While the District Attorney’s office indicated that the evidence suggests that the victim was grabbing for the gun, the police commission questioned the officers’ decision to stop the individual in the first place. Regardless, one life is lost and two others are forever changed because of this incident.

Tragic accidents happen daily. However, sometimes these accidents cross the line and become a case of wrongful death. When one loses a loved one in such an incident, he or she may want to pursue the case through California’s civil justice system.

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