Texting and driving can lead to wrongful death

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Wrongful Death |

It may come across as a single sound, a series of musical tones or any number of other indicators. Regardless, one is notified that a text message is waiting. When not involved in something more important, the individual will most likely want to go ahead and check the message. However, if the individual is driving, that small act can have deadly consequences that end up in a wrongful death claim in a California court.

The average driver knows that any form of distracted driving is not a good idea. However, there is often a vast difference between what one knows and what one does. Sometimes that message is just too tempting.

Unfortunately, in order for the driver to check that message, he or she must look at the cell phone rather than the road. Then, it is possible that the driver will decide to respond. In the short time period that it takes for all of this to occur, so many things can happen when moving vehicles are involved. It only takes a moment for tragedy to occur. As one is looking over or down, the vehicle can easily drift off the side of the road, into oncoming traffic or even into the rear of the vehicle in front.

Accidents happen on a daily basis. However, when an accident is the result of another person’s negligence and a loved one loses his or her life, it is possible that a case can be made for wrongful death claim. An experienced attorney can help one navigate the California legal system throughout the process.

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